• No, I disagree
  • Be sure Biden is not just picking by skin color.and gender If Candice Owens was the last black woman in America Biden would not pick a black woman. Instead he has to make sure his pick is fine with killing innocent babies and stopping the death penalty for heinous criminals.
  • Supreme Court Justices should be chosen based on their knowledge and application of the law. We've seen how choosing a President based on skin color turned out and it was a disaster. We dodged a bullet when we didn't jump from that frying pan into the one marked "gender" - but now it seems that a turn has been given to the mentally inept. "Merit?" Are we going to play the "my turn" game again? Candidates for any public office should be as strictly scrutinized as-is for neurosurgeons.
  • In an ideal US populated by nothing but idealists...yes. But in reality US politicians are benefited by being intentionally and overtly inclusive of various ethnic, racial and geographic groups, and at least potentially so is the country itself. (For example: such "pandering" - to use a perhaps extreme description - reduces the likelihood of civil unrest.) So: politically it's a smart move, and it's also a potentially helpful move for the nation at large. This is one act of Biden's that I can't count as a mistake.
  • The use of gender or skin color to determine job qualifications and employment is supposed to be illegal in the US, and for good reasons. Joe nominating a black woman for the job really isn't the issue. Him publicly declaring that he would not consider anybody else is the issue. Just another case of certain people being above the laws the rest of us must live with.
    • Kevin1960
      Hear! Hear!
  • It will be based on ability but the mix of gender and race should help round out the Justices.
  • if you wanted the best person for the job you would think so. But you Americans are strange I can't work you all out. How did that old fool you call a president get voted in? Does it offend you all when it speaks? Does it ever do anything it says its going to?
  • Don't lecture us about Justice on the Scotus when You guys never weighed in on Merric Garland's nomination.
    • Linus van Pelt
      Seeing how AG Merric Garland has targeted parents concerned about what their children are being indoctrinated about in schools and labeling them "terrorists" it is probably the greatest thing that Republicans have done to keep him from the bench of the SC. Merric Garland is an idiot. How is that for weighing in for you?
    • Hulk70166
      You're an idiot and God and Covid will make you pay for your stupidity.
    • Kevin1960
      Garland got the attention he deserved. It wasn't like nominees haven't historically been passed up. Something like 19 times before? He's been a poor AG, anyway.

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