• Ive been working my jedi skills for years reaching for the tv remote so far Ive got no where. Im pretty good at picking liars telepathy.
  • Assuming these abilities are secret...telekinesis would be one of the most dangerous abilities imaginable. A person possessing the ability could easily kill people without leaving any indication of foul play. One wonders if even a "decent" person with such an ability would end up being an example of "absolute power corrupts absolutely". *** Telepathy, assuming the possessor could "turn it off and on" at will, would be extremely useful in many fields, particularly in areas like law enforcement, business negotiation, etc. (Any field where an attempt is made to guess or estimate another individual's thoughts.) I'd prefer that ability, as I could do good work as a sort of consultant ferreting the truth out of suspected criminals (good both in exposing the guilty and identifying the innocent).
  • Telekinesis, too much noise from telepathy.
  • Everyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand!
    • Linda Joy
  • dont think id like to read minds ..and i suppose being able to text/type with mind would be good

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