• Yes. They share common characteristics with lower animal life forms, mainly in the reproductive aspects.
    • Linda Joy
      I saw an article once that said humans were not considered animals because they use tools, but then they found monkeys that used a leaf to get water out of a crack in a rock and blew their theory out of the water.
  • According to the science of taxonomy: yes (because of how "animal" is defined in taxonomy). This definition is the definition adopted by science and has "recently" (during my lifetime) become the primary definition of the word "animal". *** HOWEVER, it is still true in English that the more traditional definition is in widespread use, that traditional definition SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDING humans from the group "animals". *** SO: whether or not you consider a human to be an animal typically depends on which standard English definition of the word "animal" you are using. One standard English definition emphatically declares "yes", while the other just as emphatically declares "No".
    • Linda Joy
      The site that inspired this question differentiated on the moral aspects. I always thought humans were considered animals 'till I saw that!
  • Some more than others.

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