• They were never taught to handle life.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Thanks for sharing!
  • They're just quicker to speak out with the overreach from our friends on the left.
  • I AM NOT!
  • It’s part of being human to be sensitive which insensitive people don’t understand because insensitive people are either sociopaths or psychopaths or something like that. Without emotions you are nothing. Sensitive people are likely to be empathetic which requires having a sense of heart. Anyone who hurts other people’s feelings intentionally or on purpose are ugly on the inside. Although sensitive people are emotionally vulnerable to other people’s wrongdoings, they can learn to stand up for themselves through personal development courses. Those who hurt the feelings of others are psychological bullies who are a problem in the victims life
  • i suppose many are unhappy and insecure

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