• In the UK, the mask is written into the law. Mask wearing isn't about protecting you, it's about protecting others from you, and you only have to wear it indoors in crowded places, surgeons wear masks for hours in surgery, if you can't do it for the time you spend in a shop, then that's just purely selfish. The Covid vaccine is different, because you can still catch and pass on Covid even when vaccinated, that choice is purely selfish as to whether you want the vaccine, or whether you want to see if your own immunity deals with Covid if you catch it, the only thing the vaccine may do, is reduce numbers being hospitalized which is usually those who are of a certain age, or have more than two comorbidities, so that's more to do with helping the hospitals. But this is an experimental vaccine, for which the vaccine companies remain exempt from prosecution if you were to have a life changing reaction; so your body your choice, in this instance. For the numbers still demonstrate most healthy people will not die of Covid, and that fact has been evident from the start.
  • Anything they like. As it's their body and choice not to be dealing with your problems and tomfoolery. Your freedom to be stupid should not mean they pay hospital bills because of you spreading the virus.
  • You can refuse to get vaccinated, but do wear a face mask. In Trump's presidency, health officials advised that wearing face masks when the pandemic started will protect us from droplets and particles in the air. It turned out Biden had other plans and still has more plans in the making to start the New World Order. That's why many people don't trust him.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      And you are deceived and what the Bible calls the irredeemable.
    • Hulk70166
      Jenny is a 7th Day Adventist. Actually I think she's a guy. You can never tell.
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      Hulk, why a guy? I too can say you are 1465, bostjan64, ReiSan and OrangeDonRump.
  • That depends on where you live. In some nations: they can incarcerate you indefinitely. In some nations, they can forcibly vaccinate you. *** In the U.S., they can't force you to take the vaccine...but they CAN prevent your access to needful public facilities such as grocery stores, and they CAN arrest you if you violate the government's policy (if such a policy is in place) and enter the store against permission.
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      Calling yourself "," do you ever speak the truth? Since when have grocery stores in the US been asking customers for proof of vaccination to enter?
    • Hulk70166
      Careful he's a fellow Christian. You need him in the election.
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      Hulk, I get a good laugh when he SHOUTS in his writing. LOL
    • Hulk70166
      Jenny, Bible-Reviews was referring to "other nations." I know it taxes your little mind to pay attention, but please try.
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      Hulk, you mean my big mind? since edited his or her answer. So I must say, pay attention or at least try. *Facepalm*
  • That depends on the jurisdiction. In most US jurisdictions, about the most they can do is refuse entry into occupied indoor spaces, such as stores or classrooms.
  • You'll just get covid and perhaps have respiratory problems for the rest of your life.
  • here in dictator australia..huge fines or maybe even jail time..we have no rights here in australia anymore.....
  • In certain countries you would not be allowed in public places such as a shop because a face mask is required. The whole point of wearing a face mask and getting the vaccine is to minimise the risk of getting covid 19. It’s your own stupidity that you may get coronavirus by not following the rules.
  • Don't be selfish. If you spread it we will never get rid of it and you might cause someone's death. I know many people that have died. Don't be a "Covidiot".

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