• How involved do you want to become with someone's package? If it was a neighbour I knew well, I'd give them a knock. If it was a neighbour I didn't know well, I'd just leave it, not my business.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Well said :)
    • Moving Violation
      Mind your own business! Dec.07.2021
    • newyorknewyork
      Thanks for your responses. Her body was found this morning.
  • Tell the cops. Ask them to do a wellness check.
  • Taking someone's mail is a federal offense. Mind your own business is what you should do.
  • knock on his door
  • Call the cops and ask them to do a welfare check on the place. The person inside may be in trouble, or dead. If there is a person inside.
  • If I knew enough to talk to people there I'd ask if anyone knows if something is wrong with the neighbor.
  • I live in an apartment complex, so I'd notify the property manager. You can even do that anonymously if you are concerned about such things. But my neighbors are also my friends and I have most of their numbers, so I'd text them first, then call if they didn't answer (depending on the neighbor) and if I thought they needed medical help I'd call 911.

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