• Being "uneducated" isn't a crime unless it's done out of laziness. There are a lot of medical issues that are not understood even by the medical community. So you can't criticize a layman if he doesn't understand. People often fear or ridicule things they don't understand - it's how they cope with difficult issues in life.
  • Why do you misunderstand those who don't have autism and lump us all in a group of people who don't understand? Some of us have been trained to work with special needs people. And I have worked with some students who have Aspergers Syndrome, one of which was the son of a friend. Why would you assume no one has learned anything about the disease? I would assume almost every parent of a child with aspergers has learned at least a little about it.
    • Shadow
      I like to be understanding of people in general but I never feel understood in return because of people’s ignorance. Ignorance is a lack of understanding. Autism is not a disease like you think. That is a shallow minded thing to say. Autism is difference which some people like yourself don’t understand. You are ignorant because you think autism is a disease when it’s not. People’s brains work differently in reality. I just remembered you’re the religious type, the delusional kind. Religious people like yourself usually get the wrong idea about anyone who is different to you. Autism is never fully understood.
    • Linda Joy
      And I see you only want to argue, so you can do that by yourself. I probably know more about Aspergers syndrome than you do.
    • Shadow
      No you don’t. You see autism as a disease when it’s not. It’s you who started it. Autism is difference in a person. I know because I have a form of autism. I understand the different symptoms that ranges in each individual.

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