• Ever since the Mid-Sixties the US and all of Europe and South America has been moving toward a more open and accepting world. This is just one more example. It may not be YOUR cup of tea but its important to them. Let it be.😌
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      "More open and accepting" doesn't make it right.
  • It's a moral disgrace and child abuse. Children have no comprehension about gender issues. They pretend when they play together, a mentally-deficient parent overhears them, and suddenly, the child is headed for gender-reassignment surgery. Children don't know what they want - if they did, you'd see them in the voting booth.
  • It shouldn't be allowed for consideration until the person reaches majority. Even adults are not always able to make sound decisions. In many cases, the transitioned have desired reversal once the surgery is completed.
  • It's one of the most idiotic things I've ever heard of. I saw a news special that included mention of a five-year-old in New Hampshire who was (progressively) getting a sex change. It would take several years, but by the time he was twelve (I think) it would be complete. *** I mean: what parent is going to say "OK" when a five-year-old child says, "Mom, Dad: I want to get several surgical operations that I don't need."
  • Nobody is teaching your kids about Transgenderism, or is encouraging kids to become TG. If they are TG they already know it. Its a bit too late to moralize about it. lol
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      You are referring to "I am Jazz" That is a show on TLC that's on its 7th season. Its based on the same person the children's storybook is about. Its about a Trans kid who graduated VALEDICTORIAN of her high school class. I'm horrified!!!!!! lol.
  • No. Children will do whatever gets them attention. Their brains aren't fully developed yet. Adults can choose for themselves.
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      Some people know they're gay at the age of 5. Chaz Buono knew he was TG at 13. I'm not saying perform the operation on a kid but on an adult it is okay, Watch this from OPRAH:
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      Again, the kid became Valedictorian, what are you afraid of? Would you be happier if he became a suicidal mental case because he couldn't relate to his body? lol And your link is broken. BTW stop watching Christian News. Its out of touch with reality. They don't accept divorce, birth control pills or homosexuality. They're biased against mainstream America.
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      I'm gathering yet again you didn't watch the clip, this is the president of the American college of paediatricians who states quote "Transgender ideology has infiltrated my field and produced large scale child abuse, she said doctors are encouraging parents to have their kids change genders, when there is no evidence that these changes are safe or even helpful," She stated everyone on both sides of the issue is concerned about finding loving and helpful solutions, for all children, we at the American college of paediatricians and also many collegues on the left, also insist that solutions be rooted in reality, and transgender ideology is not, sex is hardwired before birth and it cannot change, and this is why we have called it child abuse, because by feeding children and families these lies, children are having their normal psychological development interrupted. They are being put on puberty blockers which essentially castrates them chemically, followed by surgical mutilation later on, this is child abuse, it's not health care. She said this is about SCIENCE, we are going on now the puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and other surgeries, have absolutely no track record whatsoever. The loving solution for children who are ages 3 to 10 they engage in magical thinking, they don't know the difference so easily between fantasy and reality, we need to nurture them through adolescents, through natural puberty, our jobs as parents and physicians is to help children embrace their healthy bodies, and once this is done, and they get past puberty and late adolescents as many as 95% will come to embrace their bodies, and identify with their biological sex. "So what are the effects of heavy duty hormones, synthetic hormones given to little kids, like long-term?" She answers, we don't have long-term studies which is a major problem, which is why physicians should not be telling parents that this will settled science and that it is safe." We do know that when puberty blockers are used appropriately in other settings, that we have observed in adults, for example they can be used to treat prostate cancer, and some gynaecological issues in women, that there is evidence you can impact memory, and cognitive ability in a negative way. As far as the cross sex hormones, if you have a young child on puberty blockers who goes directly to cross sex, or sex change hormones, they become sterile, you are sterilising children, little children cannot possibly understand the risks of having a medication and never being able to have children in the future. At present the guidelines are that puberty blockers should be given to children at age 11-12, but I've had reports from colleagues across the country, and you can also find them in various news reports that children as young as nine have been put on these puberty blockers. And what it does is arrest normal development, puberty is not a disease, you are stopping them, it's not just a matter of sex characteristics you are arresting brain development." So yes again Hulk you've shown your ignorance, laugh away at brain damage, body mutilation and sterilisation in children, it's so funny after all.
  • Can a child transition back once they are older and might change their minds? If this decision is permanently changes the ability to have children, then they absolutely should be an adult to decide on an operation. When I was a teen, I hated the puberty, idea of kids or being in a relationship, then I changed later in life.
  • should be banned til they are an adult!!!!!!!!!

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