• Not to take anything away from white rice cause I like it, brown rice has more fiber compared to white rice. Fiber helps regulate the body's use of sugars, helping you control your weight.
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  • First answer is correct. Brown rice is whole grain rice, and the health benefits are similar to whole wheat, especially when comparing to white rice / white flour. *** NOTE, however, that most rice has been found to contain significant (read: dangerous) levels of arsenic. This is true especially and particularly of the U.S., Japan and China. But there IS rice with less arsenic. According to studies testing arsenic levels in rice produced by various nations, Thai rice has the least arsenic, and India nearly as little, and in both of those cases the levels of arsenic are completely safe. *** Personally, at home I eat only brown Jasmine rice, which I get from Walmart (through online mail order, it's not stocked in my local store), and which comes from Thailand, and which is pretty cheap for jasmine rice, and which tastes just as good or better than cheap U.S. white rice.
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  • Only difference between the two - brown rice still has the husk on it. Brown rice is healthier because the husk contains a great deal of fiber.
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  • brown
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  • they say brown and thats natural as its not been altered much by man
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