• The question is PERHAPS ambiguous. Is it **1** Society is based on lies, and lies are what separate man from beast. - or - **2** Society is based on lies. Society is what separates man from beast. **** In my opinion, society is based on a combination of cooperation, submission, subjection and technology. Primitive technology is sufficient for society (technology such as tool-making and house-building, even house-building at the level of cave-carving or grass huts)
  • Don't give up your day job - quotology isn't your forte.
  • Recent behavioral study's have have definitively revealed that all social animals lie & scheme to gain advantage over fellow critters they associate with . So that supposed fine line of separation between Homo sapiens & other animals is in fact imaginary. Apparently all those cute furry bunnys & wolf puppies are just as untrustworthy as us naked apes.

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