• Impeach him when it becomes obvious that he is intentionally working against the interests of the governed. Then charge him with treason.
    • Charin Cross
      you're so practical. LOL! You can do my suggestion after he's guilty of treason.
    • bostjan64
      That's not how treason works!
  • "Ineffectual" is not grounds for impeachment under the Constitution. The President must actually commit a crime (and: not just any crime) to be impeached. Alternately, a President could be charged by the combined consensus of Vice President and Cabinet to be unfit or unable to perform the duties of the office (see: 25th Amendment), If the President objected, Congress would determine (vote) if that were or were not true. If the President were "voted out of office" in such a manner then the Vice President would take over the duties of President until and unless the President could demonstrate (prove in court or prove to a Congressional vote) once again the ability to perform the duties of the office. That is: the President, ousted in that 25th Amendment scenario, is only ousted from the duties, not from the office, and has the opportunity to resume the duties if the situation changes.
  • in Biden's case, euthanize. pump him full of Fentanyl. Do it to Harris and Pelosi too, just on GP (general principle).
    • 1465
      NAH. I prefer life without parole - at hard labor. No sense putting them out of their misery when they still have years left to enjoy that feeling of satisfaction from getting their hands dirty.
  • You have a vote.

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