• I definitely want to have my port out by then. And I hope I like my new neighbors as much as I do the ones I have to leave. Beyond that, I wish happiness and peace for the world.
  • I wish Santa would give everyone online Grammarly so my eyes don't water whenever I try to read some of the muddy slop that I have to wade through. 😖
  • Covid to come to a end forever
    • 1465
      You can have that wish as soon as Biden is voted out of office.
  • I wish White Supremacy to end.
    • 1465
      Then you'd have nothing to talk about at your BLM meetings.
    • Charin Cross
  • Some kind of placebo medication be developed so effective that it could eliminate any more need for chemical medications.😏
  • for the 2020 election results to be overturned, Trump installed as POTUS, for Biden, Harris, Pelosi, the Georgia senators who also "won", to be bounced on their corrupt a$$es, out of DC and brought up on charges of high treason and sedition, and everybody else, including the liberal media and liberal academia to also be charged with treason and sedition. They should build new wings onto Gitmo and Leavenworth for all these traitors. It's time they get justice!
  • That you learn how to use the text editor.

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