• No. That's actually a smart move. Let's China know that we (the U.S.) are not going to just sit and watch China take over Taiwan...that we are ready and able to defend our allies against Chinese aggression.
    • 11stevo73
      They will fight dont worry about that are you all stupid? When has USA won a war how long until you see bombs on yankie soil? Is what a Joe wants are you happy yet grandpa you sell out cunt?
  • I concluded months ago Joe Biden simply doesn't know what he's doing. He's a walking poster child for dementia. Unfortunately for us, I think China and Russia also know.
  • The US held drills in the South China Sea in 2020, 2019 and 2018 as well. Before then, there had been some cooperation with China. So, which President is to blame for that?
    • 1465
      LOL. Back to the Trump mantra, eh? "Cooperation with China"? You mean like the way Trump got his son a job with the Chinese - (no, wait - that was Biden, wasn't it?) Let's not make comparisons like "Biden equipped our enemies with the latest military weapons", and the Biden administration conspired with China to unleash a biological weapon against the world in the name of power. No, let's just focus on "big, bad' Trump".
    • Charin Cross
      too right!
  • If history has taught us anything, it's that Democrats are the ones responsible for starting trouble on the international stage. Biden's lack of responsibility has weakened America's credibility and is a clear indication that if he gets the chance, he'll start WW3.
  • if he is, he's going to make sure America loses. Biden literally gave China and Iran $85B in weaponry left behind in Afghanistan. once all the technology is reverse engineered and Biden makes it so we can't write new technology, America will be grossly ill-equipped to win a war. I'm sure Sharia Law is next on the left's agenda. Excuse me, I have to go burka shopping...
  • Nope, only the Far-Right Radical believe in that stuff
    • 1465
      It's lonely at the bottom, isn't it?
  • If China were to attack Taiwan, we would be able to defend Taiwan better.
  • hes making your country look like a bunch of fools. Is what the demented fool is doing it seams the democrats want a war and set America on fire the way Joe is going you wont have a country unfortunately. The sad old fool will be dead and your children and grand children will still be suffering.

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