• We've already got a pretty good system (a) warn people about the danger with public service announcements and the like (b) it's a crime, so people who know that it's a crime are very motivated not to do it. * * * What could we do to make it better? Mandate that auto manufacturers have a warning whenever you turn off the engine, "Don't leave children unattended in the vehicle." or perhaps something more complete, "If you are leaving a young child in the vehicle, make sure that the window is open and that they have water." (Note: I'm not exactly sure what best practice is here, so my example warnings are probably not safe and, so, probably not the same as the warning that SHOULD be issued.)
  • Give them the keys.
    • Linda Joy
  • Don't lock them up! Duh! How about you leave your shoe in the back seat with the kid, then when you get out of your car you realize hey I'm missin' a shoe! Oh yeah there's a baby back there!
  • Make parents more reliable for the Child and take them inside of the store

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