• well money is most important to governments ..just do safe things and you may be ok.....
  • All those we are letting into the country are being vetted.
    • 1465
      Doesn't it bother you to be consistently wrong?
    • Charin Cross
  • That is Biden for you, allowing them people to carry Covid into our Country
    • 1465
      The longer he can keep COVID going, the longer he can play dictator.
    • Charin Cross
  • the left needs to turn Texas blue. Biden is going to give all these illegals the ability to vote by 2024. If Texas goes blue, along with NY, California and the other blue states, the Democrat Party will have enough electoral votes to win all elections from now on. With that done they will eliminate the college altogether and be unstoppable politically. America will become Communist.
    • 1465
      I don't think I would have used the word "needs" at the beginning. "Trying" is more appropriate. (thumbs up).
    • pipey
      I've noticed that Cubans, who reliably vote Republican, are always allowed into Florida whereas Haitians, who tend to vote Democratic, are not allowed. Republicans want to eliminate certain groups based solely on how they might vote if admitted. Tell me again who is trying to manipulate the voting population.
  • Any one we let in is being fully vetted and is Covid free.
  • Any one they are letting in have been fully vetted. Most are women and children.
  • The border is not open. There were more border arrests last month than at any time during the Trump administration. Why do people believe those obvious lies?

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