• well the people can never win ..i really never wanted a vaccination but we wont be able to go anywhere minus it i have had my first jab..
    • pipey
      Poor dear. I bet you had to register your car and get a state issued driver's license too. You probably had to get the standard childhood vaccinations to go to school. So much persecution.
    • 1465
  • As best I recall, the "mandatory mask" mandates were "made" Constitutional by invoking the "public safety" (or "clear and present danger") exception.
  • There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that forbids mask requirements. For some reason, uneducated people who have never read the Constitution think it says that Americans can do anything they want at all times and never have to obey any rules. That is far, far from the truth.
    • 1465
      By "never have to obey any rules" you're including, of course, the way elected officials commit perjury after taking their oath to defend the Constitution.
  • Could you please show us just where in the constitution it says that masks and public health precautions are contrary to the law?
    • 1465
      Indirectly, one could make a case. The 10th amendment gives power to the states, and the states exercise that power to create public health mandates. However, in most (if not all) cases, a state governor's emergency powers are not allowed to exceed 30 days. What we're experiencing is a violation of that - continuing to implement mandates is thus contrary to the law. However, your overall assessment does stand on solid ground.
    • dalcocono
      Yes. So many folks seem to think the constitution covers everting in its content
  • many states ARE suing, but the wheels of justice grind slowing under good conditions. and its virtually ground to a halt under this administration. our justice system has been bought off and no longer functions!
  • "Masks like many covid-19 restriction are against the constitution" I'd LOVE to see an actual, substantial legal argument to support such a ridiculous statement. Comments from the TINFOIL HAT Club are uninteresting and they are not compelling in any way.
  • I'm wearing my mask cause I have no money to sue the Government

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