• This is a good question. Considering the economic situation with covid-19 and the global supply chain meltdown, I don't know that the government CAN do anything about it for the time being. We have to remember that governments are not God; they are limited in their powers and scope (as they should be, since the world would be a frightening place if it were not so). And since this current situation has little to do with government policy, we shouldn't expect a government solution. In fact, the things within the government's power to do to open up shipping could have deeper consequences for national security or long term economic stability.
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      "Has little to do with government policy"??? It has EVERYTHING to do with government policy. Biden's entire administration has been nothing but a train wreck.
  • The government needs to quit giving away money. Every time they give away money it makes ours worth less and fuels inflation. I've been telling you this for at least two years and now you see it with your own eyes. Will you believe now? Or continue to deny what happened and continue to advocate for giving away money to every bleeding hear that gives you a sob story? Government money IS NOT FREE YOU PAY FOR IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! No one can pull money out of their anal orfice!
  • Get rid of every one of the SOBs that took control after the election. Trump had America back on a stable platform. Biden's policies have been a total train wreck. Go back to what Trump had - and get rid of the political character assassins that did everything they could to destroy his administration.
  • Get rid of Covid.

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