• What would you expect to happen? There will be a lot fewer babies murdered, although there will be many illegal "backroom" abortions which will prove fatal for more mothers as well as their victim children.
  • I really foresee the legality issue being passed to the individual states. The Robert's Court is very wishy-washy. They won't want to deal with the libtard freaks shrieking outside their toilet stalls.
  • Then - as was the case when many states in the U.S. outlawed abortion before the mid-70s - DESPERATE abortion-seekers will seek abortion by other methods. The wealthier: by traveling to other nations (e.g. Canada and especially Mexico). The less wealthy: illegal and typically unsafe "back room" abortions in the U.S. NOTE, though, that the current "political consensus" is that abortions ought to be legal. 100 years or more from now, it's likely that abortions will once again be made illegal - not only in the U.S., but in most Western nations. Those people will look back at this time in history and wonder how people of the past could be so monstrous as to legalize the killing of their own children.
  • They cannot outlaw abortion. They can only overturn RvW from the 70s. If they did that, then the laws regarding abortions would revert to the states again. Similar to how it was before the scotus decision of 73.
    • Hulk70166
      The Scotus can do whatever they want. Its the 'court of last resort.'
    • dalcocono
      Even it it was, it was illegal due to state laws. Congress would have to act together to create a law that bans abortions in the 50 states, then potus would have to sign it. Scotus is not supposed to make laws in our system.
    • dalcocono
      They are also bound by constitutional boundaries. They cannot do whatever they want. They are supposed to interpret and inspect laws to make sure they are constitutional or not. They cannot legislate, except thru scotus decisions which can be overturned by a later court. There has never yet been a national law covering all 50 states over abortion. Only RvW. Congress should have acted back in the Barry O years when they controlled all 3 branches.
  • Women will die in back alley abortions.

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