• Facebook posts: “The Arizona forensic audit found over 17,000 duplicates of votes.” PolitiFact rating: False. Here's why: After five months, Florida-based firm Cyber Ninjas released results from its GOP-backed audit of ballots in Maricopa County, Ariz., and found no significant differences from the official vote count. Nevertheless, in a presentation before the Arizona State Senate, officials involved with the audit put forth a wide range of unproven allegations about the election. Some of these allegations gave rise to claims on social media, which were presented without context as evidence that the 2020 election was rigged against Donald Trump. "The Arizona forensic audit found over 17,000 duplicates of votes," reads a Facebook post. "The election must be decertified & people should be prosecuted." The post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. Why? Because it's just more TINFOIL-HAT GIBBERISH and NO-PROOF NONSENSE. The first rule of the GOP: always lie.
    • 1465
      Remember how I keep saying "denial is no substitute for intelligence"? This is a prime example. The audit that you prefer to accept is a recount. Anyone smarter than a 3rd grader knows that if you re-count the same fraudulent ballots, you're going to arrive at the same number - no change. The significant change was that there were a number of improprieties such as duplicate ballots, ballots from old addresses, identical names with identical places of birth, etc. You can "count" these as many times as you like and still come up with the same number. But because they represent improprieties, they would need to be discarded. THIS is what changes the number, not "counting the ballots". (Can't you get beyond Cat-In-The-Hat books?) Facebook's so-called "fact-checkers" include USA Today and the Washington Post - two well-known biased news media. Facebook and Twitter both are anti-Conservative, so there's never going to be a fair shake there. But, this is the side you lean on, so, once again, you'll go into your state of denial.
    • Hulk70166
      Comrade 1465, you know this is BS. you just go along with it to have fun with us. You get off on us having to defend against your absurd logic. you're getting a laugh, and so are all your friends. Its all a game to you.
    • 1465
      Everyone is getting a laugh because you're all a bunch of court jesters in your anti-Conservative hate campaign. Your denial showcases your intelligence levels. Claiming to be "defending yourselves" is asinine. Asking Left-leaning questions like "Did you see - more false noise from the Right in Maricopa audit (the Fraudit)?" and "Why Are Connies Okay with Injecting Bleach into their bodies for Covid but not okay with injecting the vaccine?" is not "defending" anything - it's creating political hatred. I like to imagine all of you living on a deserted island somewhere participating in a weekly circle-jerk.
  • Trump won, and everybody in AZ knows it. The audit proved it. 25 - 50,000 ballots were invalid but got counted for Biden. The corrupt, bought-off left wing media is downplaying that fact. Trump won, Trump won, Trump won! (taking a page from the DNC playbook and beating this drum until it sinks in!)

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