• Turn off the air, and open windows.
    • Linda Joy
      Nice!! I used to love doing that in a big house! But now I live in an apartment and both windows are on the same side! Still I can put a fan in it!
  • Ummm...? I never complain about the heat. When it gets a little heavy on the BTUs, I just think back to those times in January when I had to sit in my car at -20 degrees to start my car so that it wouldn't freeze. I hate the cold with a passion.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm assuming you live above say 35 degrees N. I don't. I've lived above 45 degrees N, but don't prefer it.
    • 1465
      Maybe I'm mistaken here, but I thought you said you lived in Alabama. 45 degrees N would put you in the upper reaches of Wisconsin or Minnesota. I live just above the 40-degree line, BTW.
  • Still too hot in the daytime. Basically: any heavy labor (which, unfortunately, my job requires.)

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