• I tend to pick and choose what I answer. If people come on to get their name on the leader board and drown the site in mind numbing questions then you can just ignore them.
  • You don't have to "try" to get your name on there. And you don't have to ask questions at all to get on there. I've been on there while I was pb'd. And my questions are for anyone over 12. Also, if you have 'smarter' questions then ask them! I'd like to see everyone on here post at least a dozen questions a day. If you trolls would invest your energy in asking interesting questions instead of insulting everyone who disagrees with you and criticizing their questions then this would be a much better site. Do your share and I won't have to pick up YOUR SLACK!
    • 1465
      I don't know anything about any "leaderboard" (I've seen it, but never considered anything more about it), but you do ask a lot of questions, which is okay by me - most are interesting. I'm just saying that with your diverse imagination for subject matter, you would make a good activities planner - ever been a kindergarten teacher? (Would you consider taking up the position in here? LOL They could certainly use one...)
    • Linda Joy
      I loved kindergarten! I got at least half a dozen hugs before the day even got started! NOTHING LIKE HERE! Truly if others would ask more questions I'd be spending time answering them instead of asking my own. And this site is supposed to be for ages 12 and up!
    • 1465
      I think a couple of 3-year-olds have sneaked in. ;)
  • I don't concern myself with a leaderboard and have only asked less than 3 questions. I answer whatever I want to answer and find the 4-year-old questions intriguing in that it's hard to believe that supposedly grown people would have the audacity to ask them.
  • I asked several regarding a certain large burrowing rodent in the old AB and was sentenced to the penalty box shortly thereafter for my effort.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry that happened to you. You have good answers. I've always thought you'd ask good questions as well.
    • mushroom
      The old AB had frequent series of monotonous questions. I had become bored with them. What I'd like answered now is how to properly format a new avatar, after mine and several others were lost a few weeks ago. I've had no response to that question under the "Answerbag Staff" category.

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