• And this comes after we learned last week, Donald Trump's political operation carefully examined key election conspiracy theories, found them to be baseless, and prepared an internal memo on the findings. Trump's lawyers, of course, pushed the falsehoods anyway. We learned of this, not through a whistleblower or investigative reporting, but because of a defamation lawsuit filed by a Dominion Voting Systems employee, who was targeted by the former president's team.
  • Yes, Rudy Giuliani will tear the walls down for sure
    • Chicagoan
      Ya gotta love the photos of him with the brown streams coming down his cheeks. LOL. Whatta whacko.
  • Oh, Yeah...Rachael Maddow and MSNBC - two "accurate" sources of news. Ever hear "A person judged by his enemies will never get a fair trial"? We have nothing but a lying mainstream media - including FOX in many cases, who are on a vendetta against Trump. Even after he's out of office, they continue to attack him because they're still scared of him. It's because of these lying puppets of the Left that so many independent news sources have sprung up - people want truth, not lies.
    • Charin Cross
      same page 1465...same page!
  • MSNBC and Rachel Maddow are about THE last people I would believe anything about! She's a notorious, traitorous, lying leftist with absolutely NO credibility. Get your news at OANN Chicagoan. The truth will set you free, or in your case, make your head explode!
    • Chicagoan
      Hey Miss TINFOIL HAT -- all she did was be one of several outlets to provide his RECORDED TESTIMONY. It was all over the news, everywhere... Holy moley, does your brain even function?
    • OrangeDonRump
      I've personally seen Rudy's testimony on at least four different news sources. It's a video- and audio-recording that was made inside the courtroom. It's not like Rachel Maddow was sitting in the courtroom making her own copies of his testimony! LOL. I mean, seriously, people, how gullible can you be? She just presented it on her show. Wow - you conspiracy people are ridiculously paranoid, aren't you!! Rudy's testimony - all it did was illustrate the lies propagated by Trump and his minions. That must really upset many of you people on the right. Maddow was like one of about 100 news sources that broadcast Rudy's recorded testimony. Haha.
  • Rudy has been thrown under the bus and is now trying to save his butt and career.
    • Chicagoan
      Indeed - but it was his own fault to jump onto the Trump Clown-Bus in the first place. He should've been smart enough to see it coming. Whore-Buying Orange Don turns on EVERYONE. And Rudy knew that coming into it. Look at everyone he hired then fired in his cabinet. Day 1 they were "awesome, prefect fit, a best friend." A few weeks later when it came time to fire them, they were "The worst, horrible lowlifes, scum of the earth..." They were loyal to Trump, and he shat on almost every single one of them!

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