• A Galapagos land tortoise?
  • Bowhead whale
  • Sequoias
    • Charin Cross
      only IF they are protected...
  • Some fish and shellfish can live beyond 200 years. Some species of clams beyond 500 years. Some species of coral live thousands of years. Most of the long-lived creatures on earth that you'll find are Oceanic. Some species of jellyfish and hydra have no "end" to their lifespan as studies show their growth process shows no deterioration at all. They could essentially be immortal - several specimens have been found that are already over 10,000 years old. (Sorry, for you cult Bible people who ignorantly think the earth is only 6000 years old - there are living things on the planet that are far older than that, and we've uncovered many ancient civilizations that go back thousands of years further than that. About 10 years ago, NOAA even discovered and studied a glass sponge in the pacific ocean that dates to 11,000 years old. Education is a pretty cool thing! Put down the cult Bible and try it out!)

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