• The bible says the kingdom of heaven is within, hence we are to be the temple of God. Jesus demonstrated that love is endless. The feeling of love is generated from within, hence it isn't limited, and acting on this brings about good acts, and generates more love. Unfortunately, man doesn't experience love like this, he experiences it in a selfish, limited and grasping way which comes from the ego, or as the bible states the desires of the flesh over the spirit.
  • {{ Do you think spirituality is a force within ourselves? }} No {{ If so how could one's spirituality be directed into a force to provide healing and other benefits? }} I dunno...:"Spirituality Squirt Gun", maybe? How about a "Spirituality Automatic Sprinkler"?
  • "If all the primary ingredients are available for its normal functions, the human body does not engage in making things that are bad for its survival."--Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D. The body was designed to take care of itself. The main reason it doesn't is that people have become too dependent on pharmaceuticals. Medications fall into two basic categories: antihistamines and antibiotics. Antibiotics work on germs, viruses, and the like while antihistamines do little more than temporarily quieting the symptoms. Once the medications wear off the symptoms return and more medications are needed. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle including proper hydration is the key to avoiding most health problems.

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