• No one really expects that today. The person who gets to the door first should open it and offer to let those behind him or her go through first. That's just nice manners. Those old "gallant" behaviors on the part of men towards women were actually born of the VERY sexist notion that women were weak and child-like and needed special care and treatment. Poor little things supposedly weren't strong enough to open doors (and "ladies" didn't engage in physical activity that required effort). Letting them go first was just another way men tried to demonstrate their protectiveness -- and superiority. That's why such behaviors are no longer required. Just be generally polite to everyone, male or female.
    • 1465
      Let's see who the weaker sex is when it gets down to a physical confrontation. Women think they can beat on men and men won't fight back - why is this? And what happens when they do? Who gets the crap beat out of them - unless the loser proclaims "you can't hit a girl!". Touché - you've just exposed a gender card-carrying sexist who put her foot in her mouth.
    • Victorine
      Good grief, you really need professional help. Get it. You're a psychiatric disaster area, always spoiling for a fight. I feel for those unfortunate people who have to deal with you personally. You belong in treatment and quickly.
  • It's not sexist, it's good manners. we don't teach our children good manners, so girls and women grow up not knowing about chivalry, like when walking with a woman, the man walks on the outside near the street. I just watched episodes of Younger, and the women walked on the outside. Or a man giving his seat up to a woman on the bus or train. Men are supposed to hold a woman's chair when she sits, and stand when she enters the room. "Modern" women consider these niceties sexist though, and a sign of weakness. Women may be stronger mentally now, but women will always be weaker physically to men, for the most part. Manners aren't a weakness, they're just civil.
  • Chivalry fell by the wayside around the same time moral behavior did. The result is a generation that proclaims there to be any number of genders - or no gender at all. Political Correctness has caused a lot of damage to society because it goes against the grain of moral fiber. Everyone was NOT created equal, no matter how those who have experienced the effects of inequality want to believe otherwise. I don't advocate white supremacy because, in my opinion, it doesn't exist - it's a made-up word to justify racism. You can't hate someone for no reason and since the dawn of the 20th century, there has been an ongoing attempt to divide the races in an effort to weaken America. It's done pretty well, don't you think?

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