• I would imagine that they ask and answer more questions than anyone else.
    • OrangeDonRump
      They actually ask more stupid/childish questions than anyone else. And it happens every week.
  • I wonder how can one be the leader for a longtime on here
    • Linda Joy
      Time investment, mostly.
  • I was on that list before I knew it existed. I was told you get there by asking questions, so I didn't ask and only answered. I'd been attacked on other sites for making such a list and wanted to avoid it. But I was on it anyway just from answering and liking my new friends questions. That's when I also learned doing that will put their questions back in the questions list and sometimes put them on the leaderboard, too. So I had some fun experimenting with singlehandedly putting others on the top of the list by answering and liking only their questions. But then I realized if no one asked questions there would be no new questions to answer. So to sum it up, it basically boils down to asking, answering, and liking questions and for others to do the same to your questions.
  • Dance naked in the streets and post a link to it here.
    • Hulk70166
      BTW did you know your avatar/picture just went blank? I am hoping you were going to do something I would never do.
    • Linda Joy
      I saw a few of them like that yesterday.
  • probably ask the most questions maybe
  • Just do a lot of posts like a few each day.

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