• Around 2002 or 2003 I think. My grandson was 2 or 3 and we rode a Greyhound from Alabama to Iowa. But it was more to show off my grandson to my relatives that have a reunion up there every year.
  • I don't actually have a bunch of distant cousins to visit. Or rather, I have such cousins, we all do, but they are distant enough that I've never met them. I visit only my two first cousins and their families. And I'm from flyover country, too, though I haven't lived there for decades.
  • I want to say it was around 2007, when making arrangements became too much for the elders of the family.
  • Puh! Here on the rez, the cousins are around every day. So are everybody else in the family.
    • Angster Gangster
      If you're from one of the rez'es in the oklahoma oil patch you will be familiar with most of the places mentioned in this song. But If you're on the rosebud or one of the western ones maybe not. .
    • Angster Gangster
    • dalcocono
      I'm from a small rez in the mountains of CA. I'm familiar with ndn casinos all over the state. I stay away from that crazy crystal stuff though!
  • Your question brings back long-ago memories of the 1960s. The last family reunion I attended was also the last I saw of my great grandparents - both were born in the 1880s. A lot of time and even family has passed since then.
  • The Christmas before Corvid 19 unleashed itself on us all.
  • 3 weeks ago

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