• I try not to. As I've said in an answer to another question of yours I can disagree with someone on a matter of opinion, taste or belief without a problem but If someone is actually being an idiot about something I might call them an idiot. It depends what we're disagreeing about & how that disagreement is expressed, if they've attacked me I may sink to that level to respond but I don't feel good about it afterwards. I tend to avoid questions about politics or religion on AB because some people feel very passionately that their way is THE correct way and disagreement can easily descend into insults, probably a lot more easily on line than in the real world, it's much easier to call someone a @#$% when you can't see them!
    • Linda Joy
      Or don't have to face them in real life any time in the future. Thanks! Now I don't feel as bad about letting people get to me. I have not noticed you verbally attacking others, but to be honest, I haven't really gotten to know the individuals who recently joined AB from YA yet. I'm learning a few personalities. And I think on this issue we're somewhat alike.
    • Professor Yaffle
      You're welcome. I'm not from YA, I stumbled accross AB by accident a while ago & I've got better & more important things to do than get into arguments or trolling.
    • Linda Joy
      So sorry to lump you in with them, then. In any case I'm glad you stumbled in. I, on the other hand, have noting better to do! I just don't want to argue online.
  • No, however, I will respond in kind if they start to get personal with me over a disagreement. It seems the angry left can't voice disagreement without calling names. So, if it goes there, my politeness wears thru very quickly, and I'll mix it up with them.
    • Linda Joy
      Its easy to be drawn in!
    • dalcocono
      Yes it is. There are just so many rude individuals who "wannabee" internet tuffies, and they seem to think they can say anything they like without challenge.
  • Yo mama! Just kidding. I think anyone who says they don't take things personally just haven't had their feelings hurt online before. Every individual has their own set of limits, though. Probably most attacks between me and other users generally start as misunderstandings.
  • .i mostly try and act online how i do in the real world ....but i can understand some treat online differently as sometimes text can really be just their thoughts and they can say things that theyd never say in the real world but before they know it ,its posted and it cant be undone to reread before they post it ...
  • Not unless they behave like jerks. If they disagree in a civilised manner it's live and let live all the way.
  • Looking over my recent answer history it appears that I do.. But this is a significant improvement over the social mores I learned in my youth. In those much simpler attorney free "good old days" knocking a few teeth out was considered a minor disagreement & a socially acceptable method of conflict resolution. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT???

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