• NASA's rocket program, and the Apollo Moon landing. (Led for decades - very successfully, compared to the USSR program - by a former Nazi rocket scientist.) *** Medical advances made through human vivisection. *** The eradication of socially-acceptable homosexual pedophilia around the World...which was one of the consequences of the Colonial Era. *** Ditto the outlawing of slavery. If not for the colonial mindset of European nations, slavery would only have been outlawed locally (in "the mother nations"), not globally. *** Japanese aggression in WWII led to their defeat, then democratization, and now they are one of our staunchest and most non-aggressive allies. *** etc.
  • The death of a smack load of type 1 Diabetics for the sake of keeping the tech jobs filled for managing this stinking illness. Abstract Type 1 diabetes represents a serious disease which is caused by autoimmune destruction of insulin-producing B cells in the pancreas. Administration of exogenous insulin cannot replace sensitive and gentle regulation of blood glucose levels that is established by B cells in healthy individuals. Pancreas or islet transplantation is limited by a shortage of donor pancreas and by complications associated with transplantations. For those reasons, new approaches of treatment are being searched, the using of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) envisions a promising tool for cell-based therapy of type 1 diabetes. MSCs have a significant impact on the regulation of the immune system, are a potent source of various cytokines and growth factors and manifest multilineage differentiation abilities. In context of type 1 diabetes, MSCs can transdifferentiate into insulin-producing cells, support the regeneration of residual B cells by production of trophic and growth factors or participate in the suppression of the autoimmune reaction against B cells. This review is focused on perspectives and mechanisms of MSC-based therapy and its limitations. Key words: autoimmune reaction - differentiation - mesenchymal stem cells - type 1 diabetes.

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