• So a Mother , has a child and from birth, she gives the Child to her parent's cause due to her drug/ alcohol addiction she can't raise the Child ., should there be such things as Grandparents rights and that means the laws would automatically allow the Child become the Grandparents adopted Child once it reaches age 5 or the Mother can't get help with her addiction?
  • No, "automatic" adoption should not occur. That is, while grandparents in this situation should have the legal right to sue for permanent custody, they should not automatically receive it. After all, the mother might have cleaned up her act and be ready to parent. And if she is, her relationship with the child must take precedence. There can be no blanket laws on this subject, because each situation is going to be different. Sometimes it will be best for the grandparents to retain custody; sometimes it will not. Only a court, after home and psychological studies, can decide.
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