• Dude! Watch "Ratatouille" and then Call an exterminator 😄
    • MisterKatt
      Sure, ok.. thanks!
  • it means the mice have been chewing on the wiring in the roof is my guess
  • Had a mouse invasion at my old house. Went to the pound and adopted a cat. He had them wiped out in five days. It wasn't a pretty, but...
  • if you want them gone, you have to find and plug the hole they're using to come into your kitchen. if you find it, patch it with some Flex Seal.
    • Franco333
      No, use Play-Doh. First time, only Play-Doh to pack in the hole. The varmints will find it tasty, and eat their way out. Second time, mix the Play-Doh with rat poison pellets (Motomco 008-32345 or Neogen Cykill Bromethalin Rodenticide Bait), and fill in the hole again. Cover with duct tape if you have pets. Repeat until the hole stays plugged, then dig out the PlayDoh and permanently patch.
  • No. And mice will cause all kinds of problems. Call a professional with a guarantee.
    • MisterKatt
      I caught 64 mice since last September including 6 that drowned in my cat's water bowl.
  • So you have proof that they use electric lines to travel. get them exterminated then have your wiring checked. That's the best I know for what little is said about it.
  • fix where they are getting in,then you wont have a problem

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