• "Juneteenth" has never been a "national holiday," as you know, and it will not be. Though as a historian, I have to say that the abolition of slavery probably merits a national holiday for more than one reason.. It marks the maturity and technological advancement of a nation.
    • dalcocono
      There was debate last year about recognizing this as a holiday. I'm wondering if it is going to happen.
    • dalcocono
      Read the news....
  • I'm all for another national holiday as long as it has a "good" purpose for everyone. Good discussion of history with the kids and a day to relax.
  • I remember a fuss about it last year, but don't remember what it was for.
    • dalcocono
      June nineteenth commemorates an event in Texas, here is a link to a wiki article about it
  • It will be like any other Monday holiday.
  • And...why are they ignoring Octobertyfirst?
  • As of June 17, 2021, it has been designated a national holiday.😒

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