• If you want to know, you can donate blood and get your antibodies checked. Or can you not give blood?
    • bostjan64
      I've had the vaccine, so I think I'd necessarily have antibodies.
  • I had covid in mid-December. I had a headache, cough, and body aches for about three days. I caught it from a co-worker. The common flu I caught at a gathering a few years ago was much, much worse. I'm 60 years-old.
  • I had it March 9th 2020. I got sick the same day Trump began the lockdown. I kept it at bay with OTC meds, rest and turning my room into a sauna. I needed to breathe warm moist air to keep my throat from hurting, and I used a Vick's inhaler and Vapo Rub to keep my bronchioles open. I lost my taste and smell for a week. just when I was losing hope, I walked into the kitchen and smelled my garbage. It was good and awful at the same time. 😄 I think I got it at the WalMart where I shop. 3 employees died from covid, and that's when they started disinfecting the store. I made my own antibodies to covid and that's why I'm holding out getting the vaccine. it may be a nasty form of flu, but it's still the flu.

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