• I didn't see it in 1973, but a few years later, we lived quite close to a drive-in theatre. Saw Linda Blaire's head spin at least 17 times.
  • I may not have seen it until later. I saw Halloween when it first came out. I'm not really all that into horror flicks.
  • Yes, and the stories are true...retards were acting goofy and possesed in the audience.
  • No, I saw it decades after its release. Exorcism has been performed throughout history:
  • It was awesome. scared a whole country to death! LOL! ruined Linda Blair's acting career though. everybody in the industry was afraid to work with her.
  • Some of my family went to a drive in that had 2 opposing screens, where one had some lame movie on it, and the opposing one had the exorcist. After about 20 minutes of the lame movie, I walked to the concession stand and started watching the exorcist. I was 4 then and everyone was as if I was too young to know the differences, but I knew better at 4 years old.
  • I actually saw it in 1973. Back then it was good.😎
  • I wasn't born until 1986.

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