• Orange juice and anything chocolate.
    • Celifrog
      Weird, you make me want to try it.
  • I should know the answer to this because I can't cook worth a damn!
  • Bananas and Sprite or 7Up that's a recipe for disaster. Liver and onions with chocolate cake for dessert. You have never ever taste anything worse than the aftertaste you get out of this. Yucca french fries with catsup! Taste just like a plate full of paint thinner.
    • Celifrog
      Bananas and sprite sounds odd :) I wanna try it and have a weird nasty taste in my mouth. Thanks for giving me ideas!
    • Arimatthewdavies
      The bananas and Sprite recipe is the recipe to purposely projectile puke
  • Many will not agree with me... . . . . #1 - sausage and pancake syrup (the syrup makes the sausage taste HORRIBLE, doesn't matter what kind of pancake syrup, it ALWAYS makes the sausage taste horrible) . . . . #2 - anything very sweet with any fruit juice (the sweetness of the sweet food makes the fruit juice taste sour) . . . . #3 - barbecue sauce and anything (that "sweet and sour" thing never tastes good to me, much prefer salt and pepper) . . . . #4 - anything spicy-hot on anything sweet...mustard on ice sauce on brownies...etc.
    • Arimatthewdavies
      You have cooked up quite a good list of yuck foods.
  • Stewed prunes with sardines.😖
    • Arimatthewdavies
      Oh no that's just going too far stewed prunes with sardines oh yuck

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