• Science involves observations and making logical models to explain those observations, then designing experiments to try to disprove those observations. God, on the other hand is an explanation used to explain unrepeatable accounts of observations by saying that there is a supernatural unknown force that can never be directly observed manipulating the universe. That conjecture simply cannot be tested through experiment, and, therefore, falls outside the realm of science. Anyone claiming to prove or disprove the existence of God through science is actually practicing pseudoscience (that which falsely claims to be science), as science is the study of the natural and God, by definition, is supernatural, the two concepts, by their own definitions, never intersect. Would you believe someone if they claimed that they had proven the effectiveness of a vaccine through the process of baking lemon tartlets?
  • There has been some advancements for it in that it is a matter of levels of thinking people do, where it is supposed to be recommended to try to see all levels, then stop and ask, what more is there, am I missing anything.

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