• They come back as a cockroach! That's why there are so many of them! Really I don't believe in reincarnation, and I don't believe hell is a literal lake of fire. I believe they go to spiritual prison until they reconcile with God. Hell is knowing you could have gone to heaven if you'd just made different choices here.
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  • I've thought about this long and hard for a long time. When I died when I was 8, I found myself in a valley with only relatives there, where memories carried emotions in them too where one could read the emotion of the other person in the memory. There was no time there at all either. I believe all of it is possible, that yes, we can go to heaven or hell or reincarnated, but after a time of existing with no time at all place. I know that I do good and am good, but I expect a few things to cause me to be reincarnated, and I hope I don't have overly abusing siblings and don't get type 1 diabetes as a kid again. Here's to hoping.
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      I'm sorry about your misfortune , Thanks for your input , I appreciate your kindness :)
  • Brain activity ceases, the body stops healing itself. Decay progresses. Same thing that happens to good people when they die, except when evil people die, other people celebrate their death. When good people die, other people celebrate their life.
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  • Heaven realms, hell realms, and reincarnation are not mutually exclusive. If you want this question answered, start by reading the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead'.
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  • They probably come back as some starving person in Ethiopia or something.
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