• I am really scared of my father. When I was young he used to hit me even if wht I did was a small mistake for example touching paint that was on the wall even tho it wasn’t wet but not completely dry either I was a child so i didnt know. As I grew up I thought it was normal to hit but wht he did was excessive. He even discriminates between gender. Usually keeps my brother on the top. He says girls shouldn’t go out especially in groups. He gets mad if I talk to a male even if its my cousin. I tend to avoid them but still if I make a wrong step he gets mad and looks at me with furious eyes. Even tho its just his eyes it scares me to death. I dont know why. It scares me so much That I start avoiding people and keep by myself. He looks at my every move and even gets mad at me because my cousin asked me to come over to her house. Every time he screams it makes my fright worse. wht should I do?
    • Linda Joy
      That depends... Do you want to live in fear for the rest of your life? My mother used to beat me, my stepfathers molested me and my ex husband actually picked me up threw me in the floor and kicked me in the face. One day I'd had enough! I looked him in the eyes and told him I didn't care if he killed me I was not going to be afraid of him anymore! You have choices. These will depend on your age. Your father's problems are his to deal with. You need to decide what YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. If you let people treat you poorly then you will get beat and treated poorly. You let them know what they can get away with by letting them get away with it. If you are underage report him to DHS, your teacher, your school counselor etc.
  • And by excessive hitting i mean like: picking me up and then throwing me. Slapping, hitting with things and etc.
    • Linda Joy
      How old are you? And where do you live? Are you doing things he already told you not to do?

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