• Probably no. People keep partying and not caring, plus Texas just made it so you dont have to wear a mask so that's definitely going to lead to more covid cases.
  • Not sure if you posted the question this year (2021) or not. Covid-19 will likely never go away, but it should cool down a lot if people take their vaccines. Unfortunately, with all of the traction the anti-vaxxers have managed to get and the general disregard for common sense and distrust of scientific expertise, the pandemic will likely take longer to fizzle out than anyone can accurately model.
    • Linda Joy
      Its not scientific expertise they distrust, its the government! And this is a new question. Check the q_view # we're almost at 3,520,000 now.
  • I think this depends more on the illegal immigrants coming in than anything else. I thought herd immunity would be reached soon after the vaccines become effective. With those vaccinated being immune and those not vaccinated getting the virus and growing immunity that way, but we're being flooded with diseased immigrants. We had completely eradicated several diseases that have been brought back by diseased illegal immigrants. Those who come here legally must show proof of immunization. That's part of the reason for the process of becoming legal.
  • I foresee no end in sight this year, next year, nor the year after. The COVID hysteria is far too convenient for control freaks, and brings way too much political mileage for corrupt politicians.
  • The current data, I thought, said that it would end by Oct. or Nov.. Anymore, those are the months it will all become smaller and less significant for a couple of news articles about it after that.
  • back in 1918 the world had a pandemic { spanish flu} and it seemed worse than this one regarding deaths. ,and it lasted about 18 months and there was no vaccination neither ..and only the radio to warn people in australia its a fact that people have been fully vaccinated and still got its not bullet proof
  • In 2022 if people cooperate.

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