• For the most part yes.
  • No. all the way.
    • Linda Joy
      I can't trust the government to be the only source of my information. But this does look like another good source of information I should check out.
    • 1465
      I wouldn't trust the NIH if they were the only medical resource in the country. They're a Leftist sell-out organization that funded the China virus.
  • It seems to be quite reliable overall.
  • I prefer to avoid doing medical research online, since it is, indeed, very difficult to know whether the information you find is reliable. However, as medical-information sites go, WebMD is probably among the better examples. I think the Mayo Clinic information is probably even better.
  • I do. With all the calmmering for your attention, read me, etc. I find that WebMD will give me information that is most relevant and to the point. I also trust MAyo Clinic.
  • A good enough place to start research, but not to end it.

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