• When students cheat its usually because they don't value honesty and learning. This usually happens not because of the schools mission, but because parents don't impress upon their children the value of honesty and learning, but not just that also PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. And, of course the ultimate blame lies with the student. No one is forcing them to do the wrong thing that they are clearly old enough to know is wrong. So ultimately the blame lies with the student, who is largely influenced by the parent. And this social wave to blame everyone except the person who did it is a national disease in my opinion as bad as a national pandemic. Individuals need to accept FULL responsibility for what they do and the consequences of their actions, because until they do they will never change their attitude or behavior. ONLY YOU are responsible for what YOU DO! And only you can change it. And no matter who you blame you are the only one you are cheating out of an education.
    • DancesWithWolves
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