• I say forever.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment :)
  • I hope we don't have 2 more months of it.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment :)
  • With Biden distributing the COVID vaccine one million doses weekly to major chain pharmacies how can there be a two year lockdown? The vaccine is s safe and over 95 percent effective against COVID.
    • AskingForaFriend
      True! I'm hoping we can start returning to normal in the summertime. It's disappointing how many people are declining the vaccine though. 32% of the giant hospital system I work for declined. And those are healthcare workers with easy access to very informative Q&A sessions with vaccine experts
    • bostjan64
      There are a number of reasons why the vaccine might take that long to mitigate the root reasons used to justify the lockdown. For example, many of the people most vulnerable to the virus are unable to handle the vaccine, yet it has already been demonstrated that people who get the vaccine can still function as carriers. There are also still many unknowns, for example no one knows how long the vaccine is effective. If it ends up being effective for 12 months, and it takes 12 months to distribute the doses, then the people in phase one will already have their immunity waning by the time phase three people are getting their second dose. I think lockdowns are only mildly effective anyway, at best, since the number of people who ignore the orders is great enough to fuel continued spread of the virus throughout an indefinite lockdown. There's also the fact that, despite a majority of communities finishing up phase one of the mass inoculations, those same communities are now dealing with more active infections than people who recovered since the start of the virus (sometimes by a factor of two or more), so things are still heating up. And, here in the USA, where healthcare is the most expensive of anywhere in the world, and health insurance, despite being mandated, is still mostly unavailable to those with the greatest economic disparity (and the number of people in that group is growing) - coupled with the large number of people in the USA who disbelieve science, the idea of having a proportion of the population greater than the herd immunity threshold being inoculated is, frankly, a pipe dream. Most likely, we will eventually just decide we (in the USA) tried everything we could and just let it rip naturally, probably some time around late 2021 or early 2022. Then the rest of the world (much of which will have tried to be more responsible and didn't have as much trouble as the USA with the virus) will feel like the USA is likely going to end up being the breeding ground for the virus, and either try to wall us off with travel restrictions or try to compassionately help us by sending vaccines or pamphlets or whatever, which will be to no avail, because of the deep-seated anti-science beliefs here.

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