• They are ignorant of how life works. One day something can happen to them too. Then what?
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yes, I agree with you, life is too short for people to be so quick to judge, thanks for your comment :)
  • Even people with learning disabilities can learn. I've taught many of them. Maybe you shouldn't see it as making fun but helping you learn, if you choose to. And there will always be grammar nazis. Especially former teachers that want you to get it right so your true intelligence can show and not be hidden by your poor grammar. But of course you can blame everyone else for your failings if you prefer. It won't do anything to fix the problem, but you can if you are too lazy to learn. Or you can just ignore them and go on with your life as is.
  • I'm completely against grammar trolling DWW on social sites, I think it shows a lack of social skills, and respect and a controlling nature, especially when you've asked the person to stop. Most grammar mistakes I've seen do not make a person’s message illegible. Someone should only correct another's grammar, if they are a proof-reader, or are employed to do this as a job, or are invited to do so. Also, it's not just people with learning disabilities who make mistakes, people with dyslexia can, and I have neither of those and I make mistakes especially when I am tired, or enthusiastic about answering more than I am about my grammar, also those who are foreign and so have English as their second language are also targets for Grammar trolls. What I mean by grammar trolls are those who spend their time hanging around in the comments section simply to correct someone’s grammar, and it is recognised as a form of bullying. If a person is simply correcting your grammar and is unaware how that is making you feel, then tell them not to do it, that your mistakes do not bother you, if they continue, then they are disrespecting your boundaries, and have confirmed themselves as trolls. See psychological profile of grammar troll..
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks, for your comment :)
    • Nosmo King
      Correcting people's grammar isn't trolling. Persistently using the wrong words to see how many people they can annoy IS trolling.
  • What do you mean? Your grammar looks OK if this question is anything to go by.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment

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