• I doubt it will help,but keep trying.😏
  • Believe in God because He is real, not because you want something from him. He already gave you a body that works just fine, and you are not at all grateful for that! You only complain the color was not what you wanted well guess what? He gave you that body so you would overcome your hatred of black people and black skin so do your job, get over it and be thankful your body works!! Be thankful you have arms and legs and a heart that works! Be thankful you don't have parents who beat you and molest you and abandon you. You have no reason to hate them they did nothing to you. You need to overcome your hate and realize a black body is just as good as a white one or asian or spanish. Quit being a baby and be thankful for what God gives you. He could take it back at any moment because of your lack of thankfulness!
  • If you are only believing in God in the hope you'll turn white, then unless you get leprosy, or fall in a large bath of white paint, then I can't see it happening. Faith in God is to be born again of spirit, and trust his will not yours. Accept your melanin, and make something of yourself, being white won't make you a better person, being a better person will.

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