• What do you consider "better"? Flushing the American economy down the toilet and giving concessions to others so they'll like us more? Kissing their asses so they won't release a virus on the world? This shouldn't have to be done! We should be allowed to demand fair trade agreements or not do business. We should be able to prosecute intellectual thievery and punish those who steal and copy someone else's patented ideas! They should have to pay for them like everyone else! And if someone engages in biological terrorism they should be punished! Just like any other kind of terrorism. I don't think we need to cower and kiss ass in order to be treated with respect and not walked over! No one deserves special concessions because they lost a war they started against us 50 years ago! Get over it already!
    • DancesWithWolves
      I hear you thanks for the comment :)
  • The Hill thinks his foreign policies are dangerous:

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