• I have never received any notifications since joining
    • Linda Joy
      Did you click the Notify me of new answers icon? Did you accidentally unclick it? Its up under the questions you ask before the social media buttons.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yes I clicked that and nothing
  • It's been years since I received any notifications from AB, but I used to get them, even on the "new" AB.
  • Haven't have any since I joined, and my notification box is ticked.
  • Wow! I got them for a while, they stopped (I thought I accidentally unsubscribed through my email) but then they started again and I didn't know why. I was getting them until right around the new year and they stopped. Oh well, just a lot less emails! I can check my profile, I guess.
  • No, I always get notifications. I wouldn’t be able to keep up on who was answering my questions or commenting without it. Sounds like a problem!

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