• Why do you hate them? Would you rather not be here?
    • Unanimous Prime
      I wish I was white that is why and they are not of course. I hate my birth and the culture I was born into. I did not ask God he makes the rules how people will be born into the earth. I wish I was white. I guess that is why I hate everything.
    • Linda Joy
      So your parents didn't do anything wrong? I wish I were taller, but there's no sense in wasting my energy fighting the inevitable. You need to invest your time becoming a better person you can learn to like regardless of the things you can't change. Do you hate all black people?
    • Unanimous Prime
      No I do not hate anyone. But I hate my family and myself because of black skin.
    • Linda Joy
      You might want to try replacing the hate with love. Think of all the things about them and yourself that you love. If you believe in The Bible it says God is love. Wouldn't the opposite of that be hate? The Bible says love your enemies and pray for them. Maybe you should do that. Pray about it. Pray for God's will to be done, not yours. There are reasons we go through what we do. God knows what He's doing. You are who you are for a reason. For HIS purpose.
  • We live in a diverse world, so lighten up and stop thinking like an Oreo.
    • bostjan64
      I'm confused. Do you mean "lighten up" physically or mentally?
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Lighten up means you should be less serious. Our minds control our actions. How else does the physical comes first without our mentality?
  • Why don't you like your culture, how do you think socalled "white culture," is going to be any better?
  • You can't change the past. So you have black skin... so what? You're more resistant to several genetic problems that commonly afflict white people. Next time you get bit by a mosquito, thank your genes for your higher immunity to mosquito-borne illnesses that would more likely take your life if you were white. Out in the sun too long? If you were white, you'd very likely develop a rash. Next time you fall down or run or jump, thank genetics for the designs encoded into your DNA for a more robust skeletal frame, where many white people are more likely to break a bone or develop a sprain. And if you go back enough ancestral generations, we are all cousins anyway - whether we are from African lineage, Eurasian lineage, or otherwise. The people who developed the technology that makes us human were great-x-grandparents of both you and me. So, we are >99% the same, but the
  • I think you may need therapy for your negative feelings toward your race. You might be a victim of disparaging remarks. I know being Jewish judeophobic comments can truly hurt. Now that being said I suggest you try to ignore those hurtful comments. Every race, ethnic group is equally good. Please do your best to believe that everyone is equal. In the US by law as well.
  • Quit being a baby

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