• I wouldn't say it was by mistake, but we had a few celebs come in where I worked behind the amphitheater.
  • Depends what you mean by celeb and what you mean by "by mistake." I've crossed paths with many people of whom I was aware in surprising contexts, but maybe only one or two that *you* might consider a celebrity, and not any of those under too bizarre of auspices. I waited tables when I was much younger, and I waited on Rod Stewart once. He was shockingly low key and I didn't make anything out of it, since I wanted him and his guest to enjoy their meals. I got a weird vibe from him and continually questioned whether I was doing the right thing by ignoring the fact that everyone knew who he was. He spent a lot of money and had a lot of drinks and left me something like a $12 tip, which led me to believe that he wasn't entirely happy. I've run into actor Louis Guzman dozens of times at the deli, the DMV, the grocery store, at the restaurant, etc. Other than being a talented actor who appears in many of my favourite films and my wife's favourite television programmes, he's pretty much just a regular dude. He was at a club once where my band was playing, but left before I got on stage. I was bummed, since I figured there was a chance he might offer some advice that could help us be more successful. And I held the door open once for a guy, who I recognized (as he passed through the door) as Uli Jon Roth (guitar player for the Scorpions), and said something stupid to him: "Hey, you're Uli Jon Roth!" Without missing a beat, he responded, with a grin, "Hey, you're nice guy holding the door open for Uli Jon Roth!" Imagine how annoying it'd be to have people tell you your own name everywhere you go! But he was cool about it.
  • Back in the late 80s while I was living in Phila PA I happened to enter a corner store and one of the customers was the French actor, singer Charles Aznevour. Not sure if I spelled his name right. He was in Philly for a local theature production.
  • I bumped into Katie Couric.
  • Nicolas Cage and Cary Elwes, at the I-beam in Frisco, back in the late 1980s. One was uppity, the other was a sloppy drunk....both underwhelming.
  • I've met dozens, if not hundreds of celebrities- world leaders, royalty, the Kardashians, athletes, musicians, even Tom Hanks!
  • I ran over Walter Mondal's foot, I was in a wheelchair at the time.
  • a few times

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