• Life is always vulnerable. The terror and panic over covid was uncalled for. It should never have been politicized. It was and is a health issue, just like h1n1. I was diagnosed with cancer before covid struck, so I got an early start with all this. After my first mammogram ever I was called back for a 'closer look' my son was still at home back then and I went home in tears thinking I hadn't taught him everything he needs to know before I die. (I had a strong reaction because my mother died of breast cancer) When I was finally diagnosed years later my son was grown. But I'm at the end of my life anyway and suffered from depression for a long time, so I've thought a lot about death and I'm at peace with it. I'd like to travel a little more, but I have no burning desire to do any specific thing before I die. And it would be difficult to travel until I'm done with chemo. So maybe then I will.
  • You have a better chance of dying in any number of other ways than dying of Covid. Drowning. Car accident. Heart disease. Lighting strike. Smoking. Live your life, dude, and quit believing all the hysteria.

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