• Everything! True Christians would not get involved in Politics. They would not vote or participate in any way. But you see religious leaders advocating various political parties and getting involved with the governments. Yet when you read the Bible, Jesus told his followers that they were no part of the world. John 17 v 14,
    • SaltyOutOfTheBLUE
      If you were a true Christian, you fight to become part of this world. With that, that means to be educated with your surroundings. Your aloud to have beliefs with anything. And that even means politics. So to also answer the main question on this post, absolutely nothing.
  • You can't always trust religions...I do my praying at home
  • If you are not transformed by the teaching then they are pointless. Take Christianity, the word "mystery" occurs a number of times in the bible, a mystery hidden in God, how many people know, or have experienced what that is?
  • Nothing is wrong with religion. Let people believe what they want to believe. What's it have to do with you?

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